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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 01 January 2014

Are You Being Transformed?
(How to Be A Contagious Christian)

The creation of mankind wasn’t a result of a cosmic hiccup – man was created on purpose and for a purpose. What was that purpose?

“Worthy are You, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for You created all things, and by Your will they existed and were created.” (Revelation 4:11)

The human race was created to have relationship and fellowship with God. Contrary to much popular preaching and teaching God did not create man to serve Him, God is in no need of servants – He already has multitudes of angelic hosts that serve Him, and may I add they do so much more faithfully and efficiently than many people who claim to serve Him.

When Adam and Eve committed spiritual adultery and spiritual treason they (and all their future descendants) lost that “intimacy” they were created to experience. And it has been a downhill spiral ever since (in case you haven’t studied history or watched the news lately). So man’s greatest need is not to be told how they “need” to learn how to serve God; our greatest need is find out how to get back to the place of relationship and fellowship that was lost due to the deception and bad choices of our parents Adam and Eve.

Allow me to reiterate – you dare not attempt to gauge your spiritual history and daily activities but how well you are serving God – God did not create you to serve Him – He created you to love Him! Thus, the way to measure the depth or degree to which you have experienced and been affected by the redemption is the pragmatic effects that redemption has been vitally worked in your life – or another way to say it - by how close your relationship is with God.

Jesus isn’t just God (though He is surely that), He is also a resurrected flesh-and-bone human being. Knowing Him, walking with Him and loving Him is just like any other human being. The same rules for having a relationship with any other person apply to having a relationship with Jesus. Most professing Christians do not have a relationship with the Man, Christ Jesus, they only hold an ideal, study a book, and belong to their favorite social club (called the church). We aren’t called to join a sub-culture, we are called to walk with God.

If we walk with God, it will always result in our becoming like Him. We see this clearly 2 Corinthians 3:18:

But we all, with an unveiled face beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.

It is an impossibility to vitally walk with the transcendent God without beholding His glory. Because it is only by beholding His glory that we can be transformed into His same image (and we were created to be conformed to His image). Therefore the litmus test for authentic Christianity is this: Are we in the process of becoming more Christ-like? Are we progressively growing in the fruit of the Spirit? Are we incrementally growing in the gracelets (gifts) of the Spirit (in the Bible this is called walking in the power of God)?

You see, all the gracelets are aspects of Him (His personality and ministry). Let me ask you to consider this question…is your profession of faith shining forth as a demonstration supported and proven by spiritual transformation that is noticeable to others? If it is, then they will not only take note of the transformation in you, but they will also be drawn by their need of transformation to be reconciled to God. Jesus said if He were lifted up, men would be drawn to Him. If men (and women) aren’t challenged by our walk with Jesus, and drawn to desire to know Jesus in a more intimate way, that is a pretty solid indicator that somehow we have made a wrong turn somewhere.

And when I am talk about people being drawn to Jesus, understand, I am not just talking about an enhanced form of evangelism to those who don’t claim to know Him, I am also talking about those who name the name of Christian for themselves. You see, there are millions in our nation’s churches who have "come to Jesus" but all they ever received was just a religion.

Remember, the Church is not a building (called a church), the Church is a living organism made up of the people who walk with and follow the Lord. Jesus didn’t give His life for us just so we could become members of a moral country club called church. We must never allow ourselves to be content with finding our identity in belonging to anyone else’s flock. Our identity must always, first and foremost, be rooted in grounded in the fact we have a relationship with Him. If we place our “trust” in anything less, we are guilty of approaching God with a veiled heart.

The process of worshiping, or loving with a veiled heart (and mind) will never result in our being changed into His image, rather we will end up in someone else’s image. That is why the Holy Spirit inspired Paul to instruct us to behold the Lord with an unveiled face in order to experience being changed (spiritually transformed) into His image.

There are many veils people wear that distort or block God’s image that keep them from being changed into His image. Having a veiled heart is dangerous, not just because it keeps us from receiving spiritual transformation into the image of God, but also because it opens us up to being transformed in another image other than God’s. Surprisingly, one of the most common veils that keep professing Christians from experiencing God and being transformed into His image is their church membership and attendance.

We can never settle for having a relationship with the Lord through one claiming to be His representative (can you say, Pastor?), or even through any church, denomination or movement. God is eternally a Father, and He desires to have spiritual children. But one thing He can never have is spiritual grandchildren. If we are desirous to relate to Him it must always be first-tier as sons and daughters to Him. And those who have been called to serve (ministers) are called in the Word of God friends of the Bridegroom (because they are called to help equip the Bride for the Bridegroom).

Spiritual intimacy between the Jesus and His church will result in the bearing of spiritual fruit – God’s fruit. Too many who profess Christ only bear the fruit of the friends of Christ and not the fruit of Christ Himself. You who are parents, how would you feel if all of your children looked like your best friend and not like you? Likewise, the Lord Jesus is grieved when so many professing Christians are conformed to the image of their church, denomination, or movement, rather than to the image of Christ Himself? It is because they are more focused on these than they are on Him. They are applying the principle sideways - they are being changed into the image of what they are beholding, they are just beholding the wrong thing.

Don’t misunderstand me, gathering together is vitally important (Heb. 10:24-25). When this thing is finished, and the Church has become who she is called to be, the gathering of the saints will be one of the most exciting things you could ever conceive of. Why? Because now most people gather for every reason but to be with Him. But that is changing, even as we speak. When we start gathering not to be ministered too, and not to learn how to minister (to the world and to the church – as important as that is), then the Lord will begin to reveal His beauty and glory in ways that we have never seen or conceived of.

Then, we will start to behold His glory as He intended in corporate worship. Beloved, there is no one in the whole universe that is more interesting than our God. Under the Old Covenant the highest calling of the priesthood was to minister to the Lord. Likewise, under the New Covenant, the highest calling that we can have is to minister to Him. And unlike under the Old Covenant, this high calling isn’t limited to a select few – this is everyone’s primary calling.

Jacob (James), the half-brother of Jesus, prompted by Holy Spirit, said it this way, “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you…” (James 4:8) Who does the drawing first? So many are waiting for God to draw them, when in fact, God is waiting for them to draw near to Him first (that means making this the core of all you are and all you do). And if we do not draw near to Him, He will not draw near to us and all we will ever have is an appearance of godliness with no power.

Beloved, you are called by God to daily stay so close to Jesus, be so filled with the Word, prayed up, fasted up, and worshiped up, so in love with Him that His glory is reflected out from us like it was in the face of Moses. People never had to guess whether Moses had been with the Lord or not. Why? Because they could “see” it – there was concrete evidence (2 Cor. 3:7). My question to you is this: when people see you do they “know,” do they have evidence that you have been with Jesus? It should be said of us everyday, wherever we go and whatever we are doing, by everyone we come in contact with that they “know” we have been with Jesus (Acts 4:13).

When you decide to answer the call, when you decide to give your highest devotion to drawing near to the Lord, to beholding His glory, to being transformed into His image, and to walking in His power and anointing, men will stand in awe; they will marvel at who Jesus is in your life, and they will worship the glorious God who does such wonderful things among men.