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Our View of the Bridal Paradigm PDF Print E-mail
Written by Buddy Sheets   
Monday, 07 April 2008
Our view of the Bridal Paradigm and its necessity as a lens with which to view the Kingdom of God

The Bridal Paradigm

I.  The Bridegroom Message is a Call to Active Intimacy with God

...the Spirit searches everything, even the depths of God... we have received... the Spirit... that we might understand the things freely given us by God. (1 Corinthians 2:10–12)

A.  The Bridegroom message is a call to active intimacy with God. The Bridal message speaks of God’s invitation for us to experience the deep things of His heart (emotions, affections). To enjoy active intimacy with Jesus includes feeling His heart for us. The Bridal message speaks of experiencing Jesus’ emotions (desire, affections).
  • [You] may have strength to comprehend… the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ... (Ephesians 3:18–19)

B.  To understand Jesus as a passionate Bridegroom is to soon see ourselves as a cherished Bride. Intimacy causes our hearts to be lovesick for Jesus (inflamed; enraptured; overcome by His love). This prophecy emphasizes that we will “call out” in two different directions. First, we call out to Jesus in intercession to “come to us.” Second, we call out to people who thirst to “come to Jesus.” This cry renews believers and brings unbelievers to salvation
C.  As sons of God, we are in the position to experience God’s Throne as heirs of His power/authority (Rev. 3:21; Rom. 8:17). As the Bride, we are in position to experience God’s heart (emotions, affections or desire for us). Both are unique positions of privilege before God.
D.  As women are the sons of God, so men are the Bride of Christ. Both describe our position of privilege before God, rather than pointing to something that is intrinsically male or female. Most Christian women do not struggle with the idea of being sons of God because they do not see it as a call to be less feminine. However, often men struggle with being the Bride of Christ because they wrongly conclude that it is a call to become less masculine.

II.  What is the Bridegroom Message?

A.  The essence of the Bridegroom message is the revelation of Jesus’ emotions and commitments as a Bridegroom God. God energizes us, our spirit, with passion for Him when we understand His devotion and commitment to us as seen in the cross.
B.  The Bridegroom message includes the revelation of Jesus’ emotions for us as a Bridegroom God. Jesus the Bridegroom is filled with tender mercy. He is gentle with our weakness. We often confuse rebellion and immaturity. God is angry at rebellion, but He has a heart of tenderness towards sincere believers that seek to obey Him. He enjoys us even in our weakness (Psalms 18:19, 35, 130:3-4). Knowing this makes us run to God, instead of from Him, when we see our sin and weakness.
C.  Jesus the Bridegroom has a heart of gladness (happy heart). Jesus had more gladness than any man in history (Hebrews 1:9). Most of Church history has viewed God as mostly mad or mostly sad when He relates to us. However, Jesus is mostly glad when He relates to us, even in our weakness.
D.  Jesus the Bridegroom has fiery affections. He has burning desire and longing for His people. 

  • As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love. (John 15:9)
E.  Jesus the Bridegroom is zealous. He destroys all that hinders love (Proverbs 6:34; Zechariah 1:14, 8:2; Ezekiel 38:18–19; Revelation 19:2)
F.  Jesus the Bridegroom possesses indescribable beauty. He fascinates our hearts (Psalm 27:4).

  • One thing have I asked of the LORD ... To gaze upon the beauty of the LORD... (Psalm 27:4)
G.  What is the Bridal paradigm? The word paradigm means perspective or view. Thus, the Bridal Paradigm refers to the “bridal perspective or view” of the Kingdom of God. We see the Kingdom through the eyes of a wholehearted Bride with loyal devoted love that leads to holy obedience, soul winning and building up the Body of Christ. If we do not feel loved and in love, we can still be born again. However, when we feel His love then we resist compromise with greater consistency.

III.  The Spirit and the Bride Worldwide will Cry, “COME LORD JESUS”

A.  Revelation 22:17 is one of the most informative and significant prophecies in the Bible describing the end-time Church. John tells what will happen in the Church, in the generation the Lord returns.
The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come."… And let the one who is thirsty come...” (Revelation 22:17)
B.  This prophecy describes the Church in deep unity with the Holy Spirit, in saying and doing what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing. What is the Spirit doing in this passage? He is interceding for Jesus to come to His Church. What is the Spirit saying? He is revealing the Church’s bridal identity (who we are as Jesus’ Bride). In other words, the Word of God tells us what the Spirit of God will emphasize in the End Times. There are many significant implications of this prophecy.

C.  This prophecy describes the highest function of the Church in four ways:

1. Anointed with the Spirit,
2. Engaged in intercession,
3. Established in our bridal identity
4. Effective in the Harvest.

For the first-time in history, the Church worldwide, just prior to the return of Jesus will be in dynamic unity with the Spirit and therefore, the Spirit will be resting on and moving through the Church in great power. The Holy Spirit for the first time in history will universally emphasize the Church’s spiritual identity as Jesus’ Bride. Notice that John does not proclaim that the Spirit and the family say, “Come,” nor the Spirit and the army, nor the kingdom, nor the body, nor the temple or the Spirit and the priesthood. Rather, it is the Spirit resting on the Church as a Bride. Forever, we rejoice in the reality of our identity as God’s army, family, body, temple, priesthood and kingdom.